Worcester Art Museum

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Salisbury St 55
01609, Worcester
(508) 799-4406

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

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🗣️ Worcester Art Museum: Opiniones

5/5 (42 Opiniones)
Sir Doughnut 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: I really enjoyed this museum. It's a massive place that's super quiet and the staff is always helpful.

Mary Dybka 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: Small but mighty museum with some amazing very old pieces like mosaics and part of a church reconstructed in Worcester !!!

Michael Martin 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: A good diversity of artifacts. I especially enjoyed seeing the oil on canvas paintings and Mayan historical items. Otherwise, parking spaces can be limited or hard to find.

happylioneatsprey 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: A gorgeous art museum found in the second largest city in Massachusetts. While most tourists may gravitate to the museums in Boston, this one should not be overlooked. Their permanent collection consists of art and items from around the globe and include the Higgins Armory Collection after that museum closed several years ago. The rotating galleries always feature a new, fascinating collection. I'm fortunate enough to have seen the Jewels of the Nile exhibit and was blown away by the presentation. Truly a must visit for art lovers!

Gail Rainwater 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: I've enjoyed visiting this place many times. It's one of my favorite museums with its rotating exhibitions.

Katherine Elizabeth 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: I've been to the Worcester Art Museum every year since I was a kid and it's still one of my favourite places to spend a weekend ever. They have one exhibit set to look like a medieval castle or church off of the main entrance hall and I used to spend the majority of time - much to my parents chagrin - there, wishing I could live there.

Chip Highfield 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: We visited the WAM for the first time in a long, long time, so pretty much like a first time. Besides the varied and significant collections, the space is relaxing, very pleasant with its indoor courtyard centers. Most of all, however, we were charmed by the staff. Firstly, having arrived just before noon, we got good directions to a cluster of nearby restaurants (we enjoyed Boynton's). The lunch portions were more than we expected, so we ended up with leftovers not to throw out, so had to carry back. Back at the museum, side entrance this time, we asked if they had cubbies or lockers. The very friendly women at the desk cheerfully volunteered to take our bag and keep it behind the desk. A little later, as we perused the Jewels of the Nile exhibit, the lovely young gal who had welcomed us at the front desk, appeared and came up to us to deliver my debit card and WGBH member card that I had, absent mindedly, left at her desk. I hope it was true that she found us in the first gallery that she tried! Along the way other docents were friendly and informative, and custodial staff we encountered were also readily cheerful. The Nile exhibit was detailed, extensive and offered lots of information. Other galleries of held diversified periods and styles, and the gift shop offered lots of fun, decorative and educational items. The WAM is now back on our list!

Emrick Ong 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: Small museum but worth visiting!

PERRY McGRIFF 2 years ago

Experiencia positiva: The Worcester Art Museum is a wonderful way to spend a morning and afternoon. The staff are very charming, approachable, knowledgeable, and funny. They have plenty of varied activities for many different individuals. Everyone who visits is bound to have fun. The experience at the museum makes one feel closer to Killmonger and understand his mind even better. The cardio is a healthy plus.

Abigail Epplett 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: This is always a fun local visit for me and my family. I am currently a New England Museum Association (NEMA) member and can visit for free plus one guest. I probably visit every other year when I want to see the latest new exhibit. My one complaint is that the Egyptian art was replaced by medieval art when the WAM received the collections of Higgins Armory.

Chris Rakoczy 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: This is a fantastic art museum with a wide array of well organized paintings, sculptures, relics, and special exhibits. We went specifically for the Higgins collection of medieval arms and armor. I also enjoyed the collection from the National Portrait Gallery. Staff and docents were friendly, and the scavenger hunt for my 9yo son was fun. With the holidays, they also had decorated trees, a guest train layout, and various activities from ice carving to hands-on armor tryouts. The proximity to parks and historical sites makes WAM and Worcester overall a great day trip.

Bill Norrish (Blue Wing Olive) 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Great place for art fan to spend a couple hours. Staff were especially helpful, helping to navigate the beautiful spaces and pointing out current exhibits. Good amount of free parking.

Mystery Devil-Man 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Amazing museum! Lots of incredible rich history!

Mark Smith 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Really enjoyed our visit to the WAM! Something for everyone as pieces from BC to modern day are presented here. Some favorites include Egyptian, stree t art and colonial American. We also saw the What the Nazis stole from Richard Neumann Art exhibit. Looking forward to the The Iconic Jersey: Baseball x Fashion Exhibition!

Denis Meadows 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: First visit. A great and diverse collection. Yes, it was the armour that drew me in. Wish I had more time before hitting the road and heading home to Albany. Next time!

E Marshall 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Nice size museum (not overwhelmingly large) with varied permanent collection and helpful staff. Mosaic courtyard is lovely. Had some interesting special exhibitions as well. Well worth a visit (or several visits).

Allison W. Cone 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: I really appreciate this little gem. Brought my Mom here today for our first real outing since the Covidity started more than a year ago. It was great. We felt very safe and it was great to have a relaxing opportunity to tour the museum with it so quiet and peaceful. One of the many hidden benefits of the pandemic!

Stephen Priest 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: If you enjoy artwork, history and exploring, I will recommend this museum ️. The current exhibitions include modern and contemporary. Artifacts and artwork from medieval times and exhibits from South America, Europe and the Mid East. Two exhibits, one being advertised by WCRB, are the Japanese kimono exhibition and the second , which I didn't know about, exhibition of artwork stolen by the Nazis and slowly being returned to the family of the original owner, Richard Neumann. I am reading the book "Monument Men" and the second exhibit I find extremely fascinating. I've always been into Japanese artwork, that was what lured mean to this museum. Lots of information ℹ️ and history posted about the artists, paintings ️, artifacts. It will take awhile to read! I was there for about four hours. I went outside to the garden and I encountered a bird at her nest that let me take pictures. Amazing! Others who walked into the garden I informed about the bird and that bush became the most popular spot in the garden. Facemasks required to enter. Floor is marked with ⬆️ arrows to show which path to travel. Hand sanitizer available. Bathrooms were in good shape. Cafe and library are closed . I became hungry and I was disappointed there was no where to eat. Gift shop is restricted to 4 people at a time. Plenty of ️.

Taylor Mitchum 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: This place is an awesome gem!! This is my first time visiting Worcester and I had to stop by! I’d highly recommend it for anyone even remotely interested! They have a huge variety of art; from ancient to a small selection of Modern art. There is everything from Greco to Warhol here. The staff was lovely and welcoming. The seating in some of the galleries is unique and a work of art themselves. There is a small cafe area and lots of accessible bathrooms. It was a joy to visit and I hope to be back soon!!

Wendy Xie 3 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: This place is HUGE!! We went for a morning date and ended up staying for so long we had to stop in the museum restaurant for lunch! Love the museum itself, there was so much to see you could really spend all day in there. The food at the restaurant was actually excellent! They were very friendly and generous with their coffee refills. Will definitely visit again for both art and food.

Fadjy Valentín 3 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: I am a photographer and I used this space for photos for my clients. We had arrived a little late and one of the workers allowed us to go in for free instead of paying the full price when we only had about thirty minutes. Everything inside was beautiful and I’m guessing this place isn’t too popular because there weren’t a lot of people which makes it great for taking portraits and pictures (less people photobombing). I definitely want to return here for another photo shoot.

J.P. Cronin 3 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: I like coming here and seeing all the different types of artwork and art collections .

Elif Asar 3 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: A lovely art museum. I went during the pandemic and there were several covid regulations. (1) you need to purchase your timed-admission ticket online. (2) follow the arrows (flow line) to see the art pieces. (3) must obey the max. number of people in a room. The first sunday's of a month is free. I went there in a free day due to covid, it was not that crowded. I enjoyed visiting this museum. Ample free parking. Some contemporary arts and lots of 20th century art...lots of armors. We completed the whole tour of the museum in an hour. It is a medium sized museum...clean restrooms. Free coat hanging area.

carolyn boulay 3 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Great, huge collection! Friendly docents, good with children, teens. Cafe staff knowledgeable about food allergies. Medieval weapons demo group were fantastic!

Kara Selby 3 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Flora in Winter 2020. Always wonderful to see what art is being turned into floral arrangements

Mikhail Rashkovskii 3 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Worcester is not the famous city for modern art galleries, but the Worcester Art Museum is a really nice place. Enough space for each display, good lighting and good education value.

Douglas Hutton 4 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: WAM is always a treat, they put on amazing exhibits and are beautifully curated. Today I went to see a collection of Monet's Waterloo bridge and was impressed as can be.

Jovie Love 4 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: It is free on the first Sunday of every month! They also have a classic Andy Warhol silkscreen print, check out the beautiful colors.

Sonia M 4 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Loved it, they have quite a large collection for a city of its size. Seeing NINE of Monet's Waterloo's in one room was a great experience. Almost like a mini- Boston MoFA, lots of items that span the timeline of humanity. Lots in rotation and again, the Monet display was fla fantastic, very special experience.

Brian Cacchiotti 4 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Wonderful museum, often overlooked by the higher profile Boston museums. They have an amazing collection and really engaging temporary exhibits. It is so worth the trip!

Laurie Arshonsky 4 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: The most impressive thing about this museum is the expert restoration on art from the 1500’s to to present! The Impressionist works is wonderful! The Tiffany and LaFarge Exhibit is breathtaking! Kudos to the excellent staff who were so helpful! If you go the first Sunday of the month, admission is free!

Sonja Robinson 4 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: The place is amazing. Lots of different exhibits and galleries. So NO ONE gets bored. So much information and culture! The museum is very clean. Lots of employees walking around if you have questions. There was not a lot of people Around so it wasn't crowded. First time going and it definitely won't be the last. I was very impressed with the selection that was displayed. Good for all ages!

Samantha deManbey 4 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: This medium sized museum in Worcester is excellent. They have a wide range of art work spanning from ancient Greece to the Renaissance. They always make an effort to bring in new and engaging exhibits. AND the first Sunday of each month is free.

Aleksei Moniz Mirov 5 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Lovely treasure of a museum, and the Chapter House and the Remastered gallery spaces are not to be missed. Also, they have Helmutt, a dog in 15th century armour. You just don't get that anywhere. Lovely staff, good collection, and worth a visit. Very accessible for wheelchair users, too!

Samantha A. (Sisterhood Wellness) 5 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Had a great time and loved the new ink exhibit by the local artist!

Tyler Collins 5 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: A very fun way to spend an afternoon in Worcester. Great value as the museum has a lot to offer.

TheCavalryHorse 5 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Went here for the awesome collection of medieval armor and was not disappointed! Loved the diverse collection of art from ancient to modern pieces.

Katya Maiser 5 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Very nice thoughtfully presented art museum with eclectic collections. I was hoping the Higgins Armory collection was more prominent and hands on for kids but with limited space they did an excellent job. What a very cool viewing bench! (See photos)

Sam Schanowolf 5 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Beautiful!! Great service amazing art and so much cheaper to look at.

Terence Rudkin 5 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Great museum. Some stunning acquasistions from the 1920's plus contemporary works like the Charles Dye inks.

Farhad Ahmad 6 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Great place to visit! The have various art works from west and east

Deborah Sunflower 6 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: 4 levels of amazing art through the ages. Was fun to see things from 3000 years ago and from all over the world.

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