Mineiro Museum

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Av. João Pinheiro 342
30130-180, Janaúba
(31) 98407-9444

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 12:00 – 7:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 12:00 – 7:00 PM
  • Thursday: 12:00 – 7:00 PM
  • Friday: 12:00 – 7:00 PM
  • Saturday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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🗣️ Mineiro Museum: Opinioni

5/5 (52 Opinioni)
Luiz Carvalho 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Inexplicable! So much history and collection.

Wagner Douglas 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Museu Mineiro has a very interesting collection of sacred art and other temporary exhibitions. Free visit.

Fabio Bianco 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: The Mineiro Museum was one of the greatest experiences I had in museums to date. he is just spectacular Many rare things are part of the collection and the variety is immense. Best of all, it's free. It opens from Tuesday to Sunday and you can come straight without an appointment Come with peace of mind because you will have a real history lesson about Minas Gerais

Ingrid Martins 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: The museum is wonderful, I loved every detail.

街歩幾多郎 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Museum of contemporary and religious art. In particular, there are many Christian statues. Enter from the entrance, enter from the right side, and go up to the second floor in front of the toilet. I went on Saturday and admission was free. I was able to enter at 11:00. Weekdays and Sundays have different start times. Pictures are ok without flash.

Diario de Folga 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Free entrance. Great variety in sacred art. We can see works by aleijadinho and learn more about the history of Minas Gerais. For those who love museums, the Minas Gerais museum has to be a mandatory stop.

Beatriz Alvarenga 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Beautiful holy images, in addition to an exuberant architecture. No queue to enter, easy access and availability of restrooms and drinking fountains.

Catia Bueno 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Very worth the visit. Beautiful architecture. Collection of baroque pieces, works by Ataide master and wonderful mural by Di Cavalcanti.

Aline Marques Martinez Lara 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Excellent place, very organized and clean. I went to the Mostró party (Junina theme), it was excellent, highlighting the hot gin that surprised me. Affordable prices and quality products.

Joaria Saraiva 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: I'm suspicious to talk about the museum. Master.

fabricio serejo 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: the museum is small, but the collection is incredible. worth the visit.

Darlan De Lima 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Arraia do museum. Great!!!

Cassius Santana Alberto 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Pleasant experience, good structure, clean bathrooms, the Mosttrô BH fair on weekends is a great choice!

Jailson Silva Macedo 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Very friendly attendants, interesting exhibitions and free

Marcelo Carvalho 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: Place full of beautiful works! Very well maintained environment. It is very much worth a visit.

Christian Silva 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: I took my 7 year old son and he loved hearing about the stories of the objects, paintings and works on display.

Libaney Crispen 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: You can see the history of the construction of Belo Horizonte, several urban projects as well as the map of the city in the 19th century, very interesting and worth checking out not only for the curious but also for history students, the richness of our culture is very great!!

warley cesar 1 year ago

Esperienza fantastica: A beautiful and diverse collection of baroque sculptures from Minas Gerais, paintings are also surprising because they date from centuries ago, as it was possible to create art without the instruments and paints we have today. Mines are many.

Marcos Queiroz 2 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: rich collection and full of wonderful pieces, extremely attentive and helpful staff

Dirceu Aurélio 2 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: A place that needs to be visited from time to time for a dip in the history of Minas and Brazil.

Matheus Montenegro 2 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: The Mineiro Museum is located in the access corridor to Praça da Liberdade, in a beautiful mansion from the end of the 19th century that is part of the original architectural complex of the city of Belo Horizonte. It was the official residence and later seat of the Minas Gerais Senate. In 1910, the institution became responsible for the Natural History, Ethnography and Historical Antiquities sections, bringing together the collection related to the history of Minas in the three periods – Captaincy, Province and State. Its collection of 3,500 pieces gathers sacred art from Minas Gerais, paintings, documents and objects of historical value. Currently, the collection comprises 36 collections from various institutions and individuals, including paintings and sculptures, pieces of religious art and furniture, household items and objects for personal use, work and punishment instruments, insignia and armoires, among others. Its collection of sacred art is memorable, with pieces from the baroque of Minas Gerais, and its art gallery includes works by master Ataíde and important artists from Minas Gerais, such as Celso Renato, Inimá de Paula, Amilcar de Castro, Márcio Sampaio, Carlos Bracher and Aníbal. Mattos, as well as renowned Brazilian artists such as Volpi and Di Cavalcanti.

Eribaldosscc Santos 2 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: A very meaningful visit. The miner needs to know more about its rich history!

Letícia A 2 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: The Museum is one of my favorites in Belo Horizonte and has traveling and permanent exhibitions. Extensive collection of religious art in one of the most beautiful buildings on Avenida João Pinheiro on the way to Praça da Liberdade. I miss when there was a restaurant in its structure. Before the pandemic there were more events and exhibitions.

Regiane Figueiredo 2 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: All very beautiful. It's really worth getting to know.

Fernando Guerreiro 2 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Very cool.... It's worth it

Raissa Barros 2 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: For those who like history, a great place to expand their knowledge, make new discoveries, a quiet place, great for taking a walk with family, school and boyfriend!

Alberto Cerqueira 2 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Very beautiful, a nice walk for the weekend,

Áurea Lana Leite 2 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Observing the protocols against COVID it is worth the visit: magnificent collection, excellent location, tells the story of Minas Gerais in beautiful artistic pieces!

PRISCILA VIANA 2 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: People!!! What Museum is this?! And why had I never gone before? Amazing! I highly recommend, beautiful works; sculptures, paintings, pieces... Beautiful architecture too. Very welcoming and kind service from the staff. Congratulations!!!! I will come back more often.

Alexsandro José Rodrigues Nogueira da Silva 2 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: An excellent place to visit the architecture itself is already a work of art, the reception staff was great the guide Maria Cecília showed the entire space of the museum with great knowledge and attention, it is a good place to take the family

Caroline Duailibi 3 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: The place keeps the history of Minas well, but in terms of care it is relatively abandoned by Organs responsible bodies. It's a shame, because it can be a nice tourist spot for those who like history, paintings and paintings.

Tati Alencar 3 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Wonderful highly recommend, organized, lighted perfect loved

Karen alves gaspar 4 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Museum with free entrance, easy access, with orientation from the entrance through the gate, to each room of the space! Every detail tells a little of the history of Minas Gerais, besides bringing samples to which they are not permanent in the place! The possibility of breathing culture and being able to see that there are still spaces like this is wonderful

Luiz Rabello 4 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: The pictures and history of the place is very cool

Cláudia Almeida 4 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: All very beautiful!

Vitória Gomes 4 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Beautiful and interesting place, brings a lot of the history of our State in addition to other very beautiful works

wiara patente 4 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Wonderful museum, excellent Here are some of the beautiful pieces.

Alysson Rodrigues 4 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: With rich collection of Colonial Sacred Art, it documents in a material and symbolic way, different moments of the formation of the culture of the State. Currently, there are more than 2,600 objects, gathered in 36 collections from private collections and other institutions. A curiosity: the constitution of the collection of the Mineiro Museum began at the time of the creation of the Arquivo Público Mineiro, that is, it precedes its inauguration in more than 80 years. They are historical paintings, archaeological finds, furniture, set of coins and weapons, sacred images and liturgical equipment, dating from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. In addition, the collection of the State Pinacoteca - with paintings, engravings and sculptures - was also incorporated into the collection of the Museum. The building is a late nineteenth-century building of eclectic architecture with neoclassical influence and was part of the master plan of the Construction Commission of the New Capital, headed by Aarão Reis. Initially it would serve as a residence for the Secretaries of Agriculture of the State. Between 1905 and 1930, the building served as the seat of the former State Mining Senate, and housed the State General Payroll until 1977. The following year, the installation of the museum was started, which began to operate effectively in 1982.

Mari Aguiar 4 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Wonderful, free museum, talking about our mining history. It's really worth going. People should go and know our riches. Questioning the past in relation to our present. Also reflect on the past so we don't make the same mistakes or even look like our ancestors. It is a museum that teaches us to reflect on ourselves!

Felipe Amorim Sousa 4 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: I liked the museum. The permanent exhibition is interesting, with a bit of Minas Gerais history through the paintings and objects on display. The physical space of the museum is beautiful, clearly it must have some artistic style that I don't know, but I find it very interesting. The mobile exhibitions were not so interesting, with few halls they don't have as much appeal.

Adriana Fernandes Gama Basilio 4 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: The space gathered several works by artists from Minas Gerais, tell a little of our history!

Alcilene Alguero 4 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: A place that holds history. Beautiful architecture.

Tiagovinicius765 4 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Very beautiful place. There is a part of the building, going up the second floor, there is a very good part about the history of Inconfidência Mineira, showing about Minas Gerais Flag and one of the largest collections of Sacred Art I have ever seen, besides beautiful, most are in perfect condition.

Rafael Coelho 4 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Museum well maintained and with great diversity of works. Focus on art produced in Minas Gerais. Architecture mixes modern and historic. Highlight for the modern reception hall, with an internal patio and green roof.

Julys Costa 4 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: It is a beautiful building with a collection about MG and BH very well exposed. It is small so it is quick to be visited and from there you can always walk to Freedom Square and enjoy the view of the fountains and visit the museums of the cultural circuit. All are free and have several bus lines, it is difficult to park nearby.

Isaac salamah 4 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Top

Marcinha 4 years ago

Esperienza positiva: Interesting, well kept and informative. It's easy to find by foot from Praça da Liberdade where many other museums are located. It's worth visiting.

e n 5 years ago

Esperienza positiva: nice museu to see one hour its inogh .you can combine the visit with the other museu around. Vlose to republica square.

Bosco Pessoa 5 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: I, who am from Belô, didn't know this place, and I was positively surprised. Several galleries, with exhibitions by different artists. All very beautiful, some more modern, others classic. After what happened in Rio de Janeiro, we need not only to appreciate but also to take care of the arts, and the Museum is undergoing renovation for this. Oh. And the entrance is free, what is missing to go? Close to Praça da Liberdade, you already visit both.

Profa. Magali Guimarães 5 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: I loved visiting the Museum with beautiful works by painters from Minas Gerais! The Sections Room is special in its beauty, I wish we had more spaces like this in BH! Only the work by Belmiro de Almeida from 1897 (The bad news), exhibited at the Museum, would be worth the visit! It also has works by Mestre Ataíde!

Luiz Carlos Ferreira 5 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Wonderful

Isaque Sant Ana 6 years ago

Esperienza fantastica: Minas Gerais State and Belo Horizonte city history and Art Gallery well displayed

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