The Fitzwilliam Museum

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Trumpington St
CB2 1RB, Cambridge
01223 332900

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 12:00 – 5:00 PM

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🗣️ The Fitzwilliam Museum: Opiniones

5/5 (40 Opiniones)
Daniel Kastl 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: Free admission and an amazing variety of paintings as well as art pieces. Features the works of many well-known artists such as Monet, Renoir, Picasso and many more. Currently (10/2022) there is a special exhibition on protests using money as a means to send a message, which I highly recommend.

Laura Minde 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: Wow! Such amazing historical place! If you want just to take a quick look to everything it takes time approximetely 2-3 hours, if you read every description, you will spend there all day. :))

James Valente 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: Fitzwilliam is a really impressive museum - the building itself is awe inspiring. The Roman and Greek exhibits are very thorough. The range of art from medieval religious art through to modern pieces is very impressive and the narrative as you walk through is thoughtful. Lockers to store bags etc. Large gift shop. Lifts for accessibility.

Hasnain Nurdin 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: The Fitzwilliam Museum is a lovely museum, I have not been to a museum in a long while and this was just a great treat and surprising really good, they have so much cultural artifact which I was so thrilled to see, if you enjoy museum thin this is a must visit and if you enjoy history and culture you will surely enjoy this. I have given this 5/5 I did not expect much and was rewarded for my patience and willingness to go to the museum ️.

Elizabeth Jackson 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: The building alone is well worth seeing. The children always enjoy seeing the Egyptian section and also like to see the armour and weapons, especially the Knight on the horse. Free entry, but you now have to pre book, although you can ask if there are some slots available on the day.

Ammar Ahmad 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: Part of the museum is going through maintenance work in January 2022, which is when I visited, which is why I was unable to go through a big chunk of the museum. However, this is a really big museum and requires good time to go through a lot of the sections. I throughly enjoyed walking through various parts of the history of human civilization as well as art pieces from a range of cultures and eras. The entrance is free but a booking is needed to go on the weekends since it’s busier during the weekends. I would highly recommend this museum.

Júlia Queiros 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: The museum is huge and has a lot, a lot of galleries. If you are the type of person who likes to read everything, so you will spend almost 3 days there because you will read a lot. The admission is free but before to enter there you need to book a place there. If you have a backpack, you need to Locke it there (for free) before to enter. The museum is beautiful, nice and worth to see.

Joy Reid 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: The Gold of the Steppes special exhibit well worth seeing as are the other free exhibits. Just need to book in for the former.

Vương Chu 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: Wonderful. A recommended place to visit anf explore history and art via artifacts.

craig kao 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: Stunning place. Huge collection from draft to art , antique to western art. So good I have to donated the money. Big thank

Mr Charisma 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: The Fitzwilliam museum houses a wealth of world artefacts, including ancient sculptures, statues, pottery and paintings. I had the good fortune to see an extensive exhibition of David Hockney's works which was an added bonus to my visit. Why anyone visiting Cambridge would not pay a visit to this museum, would be, to my mind, quite unforgivable. Plus, ENTRANCE IS FREE!

Udit Anand 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: The Fitzwilliam Museum has a huge exhibition dedicated to David Hockney, showcasing an enormous breadth of work going back to his early days. I was pleasantly surprised to find paintings by Andy Warhol, Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, among others as well. Worth a visit!

Sizzle Lyn Sossidge 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: What a delight to visit! Lovely team looking after this fabulous museum, housed in this seemingly endless labyrinth of a building. With upstairs, ground level, basement, and umpteen wings full of wonderful paintings exhibits and artefacts. Allow a good couple of hours if you like to read as you tour, and for those who like the more modern crockery including teapots, serving dishes, plates and more from different countries and makers such as Derby, Worcestershire, then you will really enjoy the colourful displays full of these. A lovely cafe to end with a nice cake & tea. We went when there is a exhibition by artist David Hockney- with his ‘perspective’ focus. Well worth a visit- easy to book tickets online, free entry with the ability to donate towards the upkeep. Ps: definitely use one of the 5 Park & Ride’s- Cambridge can be a real nightmare to drive around!

Olaf Taylor 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: Good collections of European artwork from renaissance period up until 1800s. We'll run and good cafes. Excellently maintained, clean and warm. Good exhibition by David Hockney on portrait and perspectives in summer 2022.

Yosif Anchev 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: Oh yes, this is a rare example of an amazing museum. I don't know about official lists and assessments, but in my list this is a top-grade museum I put next to the best museums I have been to. It is capable of impressing even the average-knowledge in history person like me. I saw items there, which I had only seen in textbooks before and I was so impressed that it motivated me to, for the first time in my life, actually read more about ancient history without any exams forcing me to do reluctantly do so, which used to be the case with me before in uni. Best points: 1. Massive exposition, thousands of items, not even one you wouldn't stop your eye on! 2. FREE ENTRY! Which can be booked in advance. 3. Excellent for all ages. 4. Easy location, cannot possibly miss it, impressive building. 5. Staff are nailing professionalism and customer service, I am well impressed! 6. Places to sit, catch your breath and carry on. 7. Nice caffe in the museum. 8. Nice souvenir shop, I could easily spend a fortune there. Not expensive, just so many things, all so cool!!! Negatives: 1. Parking - none. Parking in the vicinity is very expensive, a rip-off. Works out better if you park 30 minutes walking away and also visit the rest of the Cambridge city centre landmarks in one go. 2. Watching these kids running around 2000-years old artefacts gave me anxieties!

Clara S. 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: Awesome museum that is definitely worth a visit! The building itself is absolutely beautiful and the art that is on display is very versatile. I didn't have time left for the antique exposition, but from what I saw it looked very interesting and I wish I had had enough time to look through it too. The staff was nice and there is no entry fee, which is awesome!

William Pettifer 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: 15/9/21 Absolutely amazing place in Cambridge. Has a huge variety of items on display from all around the world such as ancient artefacts, furniture, sculpture, porcelain, paintings and even armour. The works and the galleries themselves (especially the main hall) on display are all admirable to look at, with some items being flat out mind blowing! Anyone that visits Cambridge just simply can’t miss this gem.

Estelle Day 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: Fab. One could spend a whole day here easily. Staff were very friendly. We had luggage because we were en-route to our hotel. They looked after it at reception.

Raul Gavris 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: Loved this museum. From medieval armors and weapons to ancient Roman Empire or even Egypt. The collection is superb and worths your time to pay it a visit. When you want to take a break there is a coffee/tea shop near the souvenirs. I really enjoyed my time here and definitely I'll return as I didn't had enough time to explore it properly.

Iris Fu 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: A museum well worth a visit! The staff are very friendly. Free lockers are available in the museum (please have a £1 coin ready). There are very many cultural exhibits from all over the world, and I focused on the Asian section, which took almost two hours.

Eva S. 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: We visited the Fitzwilliam on a Thursday morning, having pre-booked free entry. I've visited many museums but I think this might be one of the most fascinating smaller collections I've seen. In May 2022, they cleverly juxtaposed David Hockney's exhibition pieces alongside permanent and older work that resembled them, it was very well done. Highly recommend when in Cambridge.

Michael Hughes 1 year ago

Experiencia fantástica: Fantastic displays - we went for the Hockney's Eye and stayed for more. Well worth another visit. And Hockney's Eye was an excellent explanation of his theories.

Chad Greenblatt 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Absolutely excellent museum. Came on the bank Holiday to see the Hockney exhibition. It has been spaced out throughout the museum so you get to see more. Really great exhibits on offer and extremely well presented. Free entry, very nice gift shop. Toilets in basement.

Chris Moran 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Great museum and Art Gallery, very much enjoyed the Hockney exhibition. We'll worth a visit and best of all its free.

Alcyone Dreams Spiritual Artwork by Tracy (#AlcyoneDreamsArt) 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Went to see the HOCKNEY'S EYE exhibition. Museum is small but well presented. There's a Constable, Monet and even an Andy Warhol in there. Set easily to get to in the City Centre. Gift shop nice and well stocked. Food in cafeteria looked good but we had plans elsewhere. Pre-booked timed entry tickets. Lovely staff, very helpful. Cloakroom. Toilets. Plus, rucksacks and bags must be carried in front.

Catarina Nascimento 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: What a positive surprise this was. The museum is beautiful inside regardless of the exhibits. But both the permanent and temporary collections are of great quality. There’s also a really nice shop and coffee place.

Saril P 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Excellent museum with a great collection. Went during the David Hockney exhibition. Also free!

Jazmine Jennings 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Beautiful museum & definitely worth a visit if your in the area, especially as it's free! Staff was amazing & friendly.

Marion NYC 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: This museum was surprisingly amazing. It’s tiny but they packed a lot of stuff in it. Tons of history. The second floor was closed so I’m a little bummed to miss it. The staircase was ridiculously gorgeous! You have to check this museum when in the area. I definitely highly recommend this place.

Phil Hearing 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: A stunning place and a must visit in Cambridge! It really reminds me of the V&A in London. There’s no parking really near by, so prepare for a little walk. The cafe was busy when we were there and so were the locker rooms. We stayed here for almost two hours and it was tiring (with a 5 year old) he enjoyed the first exhibit with guns and swords most. It also made for the perfect introduction to museums.

Stuart Williams 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: An impressive art collection including Monet and Picasso. Medieval armour. Beautiful pottery. Stunning architecture. All free. You currently need to book ahead to visit which is straightforward on their website. There is also a good cafe and museum shop. It’s a very impressive building and museum/art gallery which is worth travelling to visit.

A Nacer 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: A great place of architecture and beautiful artworks collections, in this Museum you can explore a different world history including the Egyptian. Free entry but you need to book a ticket on-line and pay& display parking just outside the museum. The place is worth a visit if you are in Cambridge, also you should not forget the Eco friendly "Cambridge Central Mosque".

Alex London 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: One of my favourite museums! So many historical items and artworks, not to mention the beautiful architecture of the museum that compliments all that. Definitely recommend it!

Rebecca 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Absoulty brilliant. Spent 3 hours in here and didn't even notice. So much to see. Tickets need to be booked in advance, with no charge. Back packs need to be carried but lockers are available. Toilets and cafe on site. A museum for the older child, lots to talk about. Not sure about parking as we used park n ride and took a leisurely walk.

Ada Shapran 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Absolutely amazing exhibition „The Gold of the Great Steppe“. Such an incredible work of artisans in 800-600BC. Tells about sophistication of people and society at that time in Central Asia.

David Whalley 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Another five star review for a museum that is free to the public and open to all. Stunning architecture and a collection to rival some of the London museums, definitely worth the trip

Alexandra Luzinschi 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: A great museum in the heart of Cambridge. The kids loved it. They got a little activity sheet on the entrance which encouraged them to find some particular items. That kept them busy and happy. The museum is breathtaking and all items presented have a special beauty. The architecture is stunning and you could spend hours looking admire it. Toilets are available on the basement level and on the ground floor there is a shop and cafe. We enjoyed the fact that they have limited availability as in number of persons inside each room. The visit felt free and we enjoyed it better than when it’s overcrowded. We will definitely come back.

Younes Henni 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Biggest museum of Cambridge. It has a breathtaking main hall and big art collection. Its big halls are plastered with ultra realistic paintings and marvellous statues. You will find ancient Egyptian tombs, Roman statues, Asian porcelain, medieval armures, Mesopotamian makeshifts, swords, helmets, big portraits, statues and artwork from different civilisations. A must visit if coming to Cambridge. Entrance is free of charge but you must book your ticket online.

Rob Willcox 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Excellent museum, and it's own architecture is probably the best part of the visit. The original entrance hall is breathtaking. Most interesting area for me was the armoury section. Lots of pottery/ceramics, and art on the first floor.

Stacey Thomas 2 years ago

Experiencia fantástica: Excellent free musuem. You have to leave your bags and backpacks in a locker (a token is provided if you don't have any coins.) There are toilets, a gift shop and cafe inside. Besides one very rude member of staff that accused me of touching one of the suits of armour and then decided to change her mind and say she was talking to someone else in my party, it was a pleasant experience. The first few rooms I found a bit humdrum, possibly because it most of the artifacts were from the early 1900s. But the Italian Art section, Egypt, Greece and Rome did not disappoint.

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